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For years we have been the leading retailer of new and used boats in our area. Our reason for success? We treat you the way you deserve, with respect. We recognize that you are making a large investment in your new boat or motor, so we are not interested in getting you into something you do not want, need, or cannot afford. This quality standard is the reason why you can trust our sales and service team for all your needs. Read below about some of our lines we carry and feel free to click on a manufacturers logo to visit their web site. Every effort is made to keep all information accurate and updated. However, there are times when typographical errors occur, or sales are made simultaneously. Should these occur we will make every effort to correct it immediately but accept no liability for same.

The Tohatsu tradition began by building reliable motors for commercial Japanese fishermen. They needed a motor that could run for days on end, no matter what the weather. The ocean-tested engineering that enables Tohatsu motors to work under these demanding and often harsh conditions makes Tohatsu one of the toughest, most reliable engines available to you.

Yamaha offers a wide variety of products from personal watercraft to outboard motors. Yamaha motors come in a variety of types from the simple portable two-stroke series, to the H.P.D.I. outboard high pressure motors. Yamaha motors will power your boat and give you a phenominal expierience on the water.

Honda Marine
Honda has been a leading manufacturer of recreational equipment for many years, selling motorbikes, fourwheelers, and sports cars. They also have a fine line of boat engines designed to make your water experience as fine as possible. Their engines range from the small two horsepower trolling motor to the massive 130 HP.It comes as no surprise to us that 4-stroke technology is now recognized as the best way to reduce outboard exhaust emissions. At Honda Marine, we're very proud of the fact that all of our outboard engines not only meet all the standards set by the Environmental Protection Agency but exceed them. Honda marine is proud to be able to offer a line of boat motors that will keep your boat performing wonderfully for any of your chosen recreational activities on the water, as well as providing you with as much fun as you can have in a boat.

Yacht Club Trailers
Yacht Club trailers have a tradition of excellence that is unparalleled. For over twenty-five years, outdoor enthusiasts have depended on our hauling power. We are proud of our long history of manufacturing, and our experience goes into every trailer we build. You can rely on Yacht Club for the quality, durability, style, and satisfaction you deserve.


Our pontoon models are available in your choice of full pontoon or deck support. Every ShoreLandr is built with the right combination of features to ensure outstanding performance, proper support and easy maintenance. We also offer a complete line of accessories for customizing your trailer. All Shorelandr trailers are available with our hot-dipped galvanized finish. Contact your dealer for more information.

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